The Beta House was constructed in 1879 by Master Shipwright, Søren Abrahamsen. The house is one of Fanø’s many preservation-worthy buildings and is a classic so-called Trempel (or Drempel) house whose characteristic high facades allow almost 100% utilization of the 1st floor. Abrahamsen’s shipyard became the largest and most significant in Fanø’s long shipbuilding history and helped position Fanø and Denmark as a leading maritime nation. The shipyard crafted schooners, galeases, ewers, brigs, barques and yachts. When iron-hulled vessels and steamships finally out-competed wooden sailing ships in the 1900s, Abrahamsen moved his business to Esbjerg. The shipyard was sold, however, and up to 1948, turned out approx. 36 wooden cutters, primarily for fishing boat skippers from Esbjerg. You can read more about Fanø’s maritime history at Mit Fanø

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