Rental terms and conditions


Price per day: DKK 8,000, - (min. 2 night stay)


Immediately after booking, the tenant will receive an invoice for 50% of the rental charge. Payment must be made no later than 1 week after receipt of the invoice. 2 months before the check-in date, the tenant will receive an invoice for the remaining 50% of the rental charge plus the deposit amount. When booking later than 2 months in advance of the rental period, the whole rental charge plus deposit amount must be paid all at once.


The tenant must pay, together with the final part of the rental charge, a deposit of DKK 4 600. This amount will be held as security against any extra costs for the landlord, e.g. for replacement of damaged items, to compensate for failure to tidy/clean, excessive water or energy consumption, or detected indoor smoking. The deposit amount or remainder thereof will be returned to the tenant’s account no later than 14 days after departure.


The tenant can cancel the agreement in writing at any time. Cancellation charges are calculated as follows: For cancellation up to 60 days before check-in, 50% of the rental charge plus deposit amount will be refunded. For cancellation up to 14 days before check-in, 25% of the rental charge plus deposit amount will be refunded.


The rental agreement covers the Badehotel with all its fixtures and fittings. Final cleaning plus water and energy consumption are included in the rental price.

Cleaning – tenant’s obligation

Final cleaning is included in all stays and is included in the rental price. The tenant undertakes to treat the Badehotel in a proper manner and must ensure that the rental property is left in a tidy and clean condition on departure. Dishwashing, cleaning the oven and refrigerator, and the disposal of waste are not included in final cleaning and must be carried out by guests before departure. If dogs are brought, the tenant must remove all traces of dog hair, etc. from the Badehotel before departure.

Damage to the house or its contents

The tenant is responsible for all that belongs to the Badehotel and is likewise obligated to, before departure, make good any self-inflicted damage caused to the residence or its contents. If damages occur during the rental period, the tenant is obligated to inform the landlord without delay so that the matter can be dealt with. The landlord of the Badehotel assumes no liability for the tenant or the tenant’s effects. The tenant is therefore liable for his/her own insurance coverage during his/her stay.


Should there, unexpectedly, be complaints in connection with the Badehotel, these should be reported to the landlord as quickly as possible. The landlord will rectify the situation as quickly as possible. Complaints in regard to cleaning must be reported to the landlord immediately on arrival and before moving in. The landlord will then, as quickly as possible, inspect the Badehotel and implement any additional cleaning required.


Please show consideration to the neighbours of the Badehotel. Remember to keep windows closed and doors locked if music is played or a party is held. There must be no noise after 23:00 and guests are requested to remain indoors. Noise which disturbs neighbours will, if necessary, be reported to the police. We ask you to show consideration so that all may enjoy the Badehotel, both now and in the future.